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Wedding Gown Preservation

The Wedding Is Over What Do You Do With The Wedding Gown?

Your Wedding Gown is the centerpiece of your special day. It’s probably the most expensive outfit you’ve ever purchased so if you want to keep or sell it, you should have it cleaned and preserved to maintain its value. Sooner is definitely better than later. Don’t let that splash of champagne or a stray bite of cake have time to yellow or become permanent.

So until you’re able to take your Wedding Gown to be cleaned and preserved, be sure to keep it in a dark, dry place. Store it folded or rolled in a clean white sheet. Hanging is not recommended because it can cause stress to the fabric. Avoid plastic bags altogether! Plastic emits gases that yellow the fabric and plastic traps moisture, which can lead to mildewing.

Westbank Dry Cleaning’s Wedding Gown specialists carefully inspect your Gown for stains, especially around the hemline. Beads and other trims are tested for cleanability and we determine the best method for cleaning your gown. After it’s cleaned, it’s inspected again and then hand pressed and returned to you in an acid-free, museum quality archival box that prevents yellowing and protects against insect damage and humidity. We can also preserve veils, gloves, purses, and shoes. Trust Westbank Dry Cleaning for preserving your family memories.