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Wedding Dress Cleaning & Preservation

Wedding Dress Cleaning and Preservation

Your wedding day is special and we know about the time and energy that goes into choosing the perfect wedding gown. Because of this, your wedding dress should receive the care and safekeeping needed to preserve both the gown and the wonderful memories.

Let us give your wedding dress the final touch by professionally steaming and hand-finishing your gown to perfection. We can also remove any small make-up stains and spot clean your gown if necessary. We will then carefully package your dress with a bust form and tissue to maintain its body and drape. It is then placed in a protective poly bag to prevent soiling while in transit to you for the big occasion.

Wedding Dress Stain Removal

After the wonderful day is finally over, the honeymoon trip occurs.  Unfortunately and too often, the beautiful gown is stuffed in a corner, thrown on top of a chair, put under a bed or jammed in a closet. Finally, weeks or months later, someone thinks about cleaning and preserving the expensive wedding gown.

Since many stains, especially alcohol and sugar, tend to be harder to remover over time, it is a good idea to bring your wedding dress to us for stain removals and treatment as soon as possible after the wedding. Cleaning, treating and preserving your wedding gown as soon as possible after the wedding ensures that your dress remains in the best condition possible. Ideally, your wedding gown should be cleaned, treated and preserved within days of your wedding.

Our Detailed Process

Cleaning, treating and preserving wedding dresses is a job we take very seriously. Many brides retain the wonderful memories of their wedding with photos, videos, and the preserved wedding gown.

The task of preserving a wedding gown is multi-faceted.  It involves:

A thorough inspection of the wedding dress

Testing of all beading, trim, and embellishments

Selection of cleaning chemicals that are gentle on the fabric; yet clean and remove stains from the dress

Gentle cycle cleaning

After washing and removing stains, inspect the wedding dress again

Meticulous hand ironing and then using acid-free tissue to fold and store the dress

Replacing and sewing loose beads, buttons, and trimrs

Pacing the wedding dress in an acid-free box to ensure safe storage over the yea

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