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Swimwear Care Tips

Westbank Dry Cleaning knows how tough chlorine, salt, and sand can be on your swimwear. Finding the perfect fitting swimsuit can be quite a task, but once you’ve found one, take special care so it will last more than one season.  Here are a few tips to help you do that:

Quality Counts 

This is where buying a well-known brand can be especially important. More spandex is a good thing here because your suit will hold its shape longer. Also, alternate your swimsuits.  Let your suit dry 24 hours before wearing it again.  Spandex is a memory yarn and needs time to return to its original shape.

Pool Use 

Chlorine is the main culprit here.  It’s a disinfectant, but it is also a BLEACH. Some fading can occur.  Be sure to rinse your suit with fresh water after you swim. The same goes for hot tubs.

Salt Water 

Again, here’s where it’s important to rinse with fresh water after a dip in the ocean.  Saltwater can deteriorate swimwear fabrics and dyes.

The Sun 

Sun changes your skin’s color so you can count on it having an effect on your swimsuit’s color as well. Be especially careful applying sunscreen and self-tanners, they can change the color of your swimsuit.

Watch Where You Sit 

Scratchy pool decking, wooden lawn chairs, and other rough surfaces can snag your suit and cause pilling which makes it look old and worn.  Take care to sit on a towel to save your seat.

Dryer Beware 

Nothing will wear out a suit faster than heat from a clothes dryer.  The heat will cause a breakdown of the elastic quality of your swimsuit.  If drying outdoors, be sure to hang in the shade.