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We are Textiles and Electronics restoration experts that specialize in restoring textiles, electronics, and clothing damaged by smoke, fire, water, and mold

We work closely with you, your insurance company or general contractor to reduce costs. Our process includes top quality cleaning of all fabrics, window treatments, leathers, rugs, stuffed toys and other specialty items in need of restoration.

We understand the urgency a homeowner feels during a loss. Not only do we restore clothing but more importantly, peace of mind.

In addition, we offer: 

  • Same day emergency response
  • A computerized detailed inventory of all items
  • Items are electronically detailed with bar code tracking system
  • 24-48 hour turnaround on expedited and emergency items
  • Inclusive pricing for 30 days storage, pack out, inventory, cleaning and deodorizing
  • Secure, local short and long term storage
  • Pack out room by room and delivered room by room, free delivery
  • State-of-the-art dry cleaning, laundry, and deodorizing facility


Our process entails:

  • Only electronics that are cost-effective should be considered for cleaning.
  • Preliminary testing to determine if operable before starting a restoration.
  • Each item is extensively tested to ensure proper working order prior to return.
  • Items that are irreparable or not cost-effective to restore will be inventoried and placed onto a Statement of Loss Form.
  • Superior cleaning results leveraging deionized water and controlled dry out.
  • All non-restorable/non-salvageable items will be disposed of using safe and secure methods as electronics often contain mercury.
  • Data recovery to ensure that files, photos, videos, and other essentials are not lost forever.
  • 90-day warranty upon final delivery.
  • Leverage responsible restoration. If the cost to restore does not constitute good value, the item will be deemed non-salvageable.
  • Three-tiered pricing model to account for light, medium, or heavy damage.

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