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Fur Cleaning, Storage & Repair

Fur Cleaning, Storage & Repair

The correct and proper care of furs is a sophisticated process. In that furs are expensive, it is a good idea to take very good care of them so that they can last for centuries.  Whether you wear your fur every day, several times a season, or not at all, Fur Cleanings should be conducted once each year in order to preserve their beauty and longevity.

Fur attracts dust and particles even when it’s just hanging in the closet.  These particles cause the hair to stick together and produce a flattened appearance.  The dusk and grime can become trapped in the hide of the skin preventing it from breathing, and this dirt robs your fur of its natural sheen.  Simply said, dust and grime can negatively affect the appearance, feel, and endurance of your fur.  

Fur Cleaning

At Westbank, we strive to offer the best fur cleaning service in the Austin and Central Texas area. All of the fur garments are cleaned, stored and repaired in our climate-controlled facility. As mentioned, fur cleaning and glazing is necessary and important to maintain your fur’s original brilliance and luster. It also helps keep your fur’s leather soft and supple allowing for longer wear.

The experts recommend a yearly cleaning to remove dust, dirt, oils, and other soiling substances that can accumulate on your furs even without wear. Please note that the fur cleaning process is very different from the dry cleaning process used for clothing Dry cleaning uses chemicals that can dry-out fur and make the leather brittle. When Westbank Dry Cleaning cleans your fur we use a method that has been specifically designed to clean furs. First, the process removes dirt and excess oils. Next, glazing occurs to bring out the natural sheen and luster. This process preserves the elegance of your treasured fur providing maximum durability.

Fur Storage

In addition, your fur needs protection from the heat of the summer.  It is imperative that furs enter a storage facility after cleaning, in an atmosphere of a constant circulating cold temperature, and controlled humidity.

Basements, closets, wine cellars, cedar closets, or dry cleaners are never a good place for your fur. These do not offer the essential conditions necessary to benefit your fur.  Homes today are air-conditioned, and they remove moisture from the air causing a loss of natural oils in your fur and possible splitting of the skins.

For more than two decades, Westbank Dry Cleaning has been dedicated to bringing you the highest quality storage service possible.  Recognizing your desire for a long lasting investment, Westbank Dry Cleaning has always provided a storage vault where all the elements are maintained.

Westbank’s cleaning and storage is the most important thing you can do for your fur.  This is the only way to maintain or restore the original beauty of your fur.  In the fall you will see and feel “the Westbank Dry Cleaning difference.”

Another benefit Westbank Dry Cleaning provides you with is a complete evaluation of your fur. The clock is ticking and now is the perfect time to bring your furs, fur trimmed coats and shearlings to any of our convenient locations or call us to arrange for a convenient free home pick-up.

Fur Repair

Maintaining your fur is the best thing you could do to ensure that it will last as long as it should.  If you notice an opening on the fur or even the lining, you should address it immediately to avoid it getting worse and thus potentially becoming costlier to fix. There are many seams on the leather side of your fur (hundreds, maybe thousands) that are made to construct your garment. With normal wear, a seam may open and require re-stitching to close it back up.  We recommend you only take it to a cleaners that has the proper machines to stitch it back correctly.

It is also a good idea to update dated looking styles by altering your fur garment.  This might include softening the shoulders, raising the armholes, tapering the sleeves, tightening the neckline, or maybe adding some fit to for a tighter waistline.  Keeping your fur updated will allow you to also enjoy it more without necessarily showing its age. We are happy to price any item prior to cleaning or repair.



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